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Author of award-winning Catholic fiction

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Catholic Reads September 4 - 17


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1 - 5
are out now!

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Both of these titles won 

Best of 2020


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Tortured Soul
Looking for a book that puts Christ not just back into Christmas but into Halloween too? Throw in a dash of ghost story, mystery, and romance and you have A Tortured Soul.

Honorable Mention winner in the 2020 Catholic Press Association book awards.

Anyone but Him
There are two mysteries that Caitlyn must solve: How did she end up married to Jarret? And how did she lose her memory? One of the answers ties into her job as an investigative reporter. Caitlyn’s investigation of an abortion clinic becomes a potential lead to solving her own mystery. 

A Catholic Teen Books Short Story Anthology

This is the 4th Catholic Teen Books anthology! Each of the 10 short stories has a theme relevant to the season of Lent! I'm honored to have a story in this amazing collection: "Prepare the Way." 

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author interview

on ewtn's the good fight

"What does it take to be a saint. Sainthood is not beyond reach for any of us.”

Barbara McGuigan of EWTN's The Good Fight interviews author of the supernatural thriller, purgatory soul story Tortured Soul, Catholic Press Association 2020 award-winner.

Click HERE for the interview from August 29, 2020.

author interview

in national catholic register

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"Creativity is an amazing gift from God, and the fruits of creativity have the power to accomplish unique things.”

Katie Warner of the National Catholic Register interviews Catholic artists and artisans about their crafts, asking how their art impacts the Church and their faith impacts their work.

Click HERE for her interview of Theresa Linden from August 21, 2019.

igniting charity for the holy souls

by Theresa Linden


Faith-filled Christians know how to love. Granted, we aren’t perfect, but we wake up every morning to care for our children, go to work to provide for our families, embrace our religious vocation—or fulfill whatever responsibilities God calls us to. We give up little things countless times a day so that we can please God and others. Because we know Jesus, the source of love, we know that love is about sacrifice—sacrificing our comfort, money, time, and will—for the sake of another. Through our prayers, words, actions, and donations, our love encompasses not only those we personally know but those we’ve never met.


And while all this is true, I can’t help but think one group is often forgotten: the souls in purgatory (aka the Church Suffering). God desires our prayers on their behalf because He longs for those souls to be with Him in heaven but also because it helps us grow in holiness.


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tortured soul adult fiction


Awarded Honorable Mention in the Catholic Press Association 2020 Book Awards! Set in modern times, this supernatural thriller is loosely based on the apparitions to Eugenie von der Leyen (1867-1929).

"Theresa Linden’s Tortured Soul  gives an accurate,

captivating, and 'novel'  way for readers to learn about and better understand the Church’s teaching on purgatory. Thank you, Theresa!"
~Susan Tassone “The Purgatory Lady”, author of  Day by Day for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

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armor of god children's series

Out now--book 5 of this Catholic children's fantasy-adventure chapter book series! These stories with knights, adventure, and a hint of dragons are written for children preparing for or who have recently received the sacraments!
"With her usual engaging style, Linden brings St. Paul's famous epistle on virtue to a level that youngsters will find not only humorous and entertaining, but helpful in their own battles as well."
~Susan Peek, author of saint stories for children and teens
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Chasing Liberty dystopian trilogy

“Testing Liberty is an action-packed thrill ride that'll have you rooting for freedom, self-determination, and Liberty.”       


~Carolyn Astfalk, author of Stay with Me

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west brothers teen fiction series

"The way that Theresa handles faith in this book . . . she treats matters of faith in a respectful way so that you are left with a good taste in your mouth and a shot in the arm for your own faith. It also gently invites you to come back to God if you are away."
~Katie Baker, founder of Mary's Remedies
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